Online Poker

Poker is one game that can make a person rich and another poor in minutes. One needs to master the poker face more than the techniques, to win at this game. this is also one of the most predominantly played game at a casino. Be is an online casino or a physical casino, poker tables are always full. People even play poker at private gatherings and parties, more than any other gambling game.

Are You A Beginner

So, you have heard all your friends rave about their winnings and experiences at the poker table. You are tempted to try your hand at this wonderfully deceptive game. But have you mastered the poker face yet? You may seem emotionless when you check your face in the mirror, but seasoned players can pick on anything and everything you emote.

At such times, online poker can be a big relief. Your opponent does not get to see your face and you can use this as a practice table until you are confident to go and play at a physical table.

Here are a few tips to help you through your initial poker games online:

  • Not Rigged – After a few rounds, you may feel the game is rigged as you have lost so many of these rounds. However, this is how it all starts; everyone loses a number of times before they can have a winning hand. This is not because the game is rigged; it is because you are just learning to play. So never lose heart or feel cheated. Instead have patience and keep playing till you get the hang of it.
  • All Sites Are Different – When you search for an online poker game, you will be rewarded with a number of results. Do know that all are not equal. Though there may be many sites playing the same style of poker, the quality of the game will differ from site to site. Just because it suits your friend or colleague, does not mean it is the right one for you. Different sites have different limits. Choose one that suits your wallet and level of game.
  • Mixed Players – All players online are neither good, nor bad. Online tables have a mixed set of players. There will be amateurs like you who are still getting used to the game and its rules and the same table will have some good players who are looking to make some easy money, sitting at home. Never play thinking all are better or all are worse than you. Always be prepared and play the game at your level. This will help you avoid unnecessary losses due to miscalculations.
  • Try Different Sites – If a particular site does not suit you or if you feel the stakes are too high and you are losing a lot of money, never hesitate to try out a different site. It is true that you wouldn’t know how good or bad the next site is and can’t judge if you will lose or win more, but the only way to know is to try. It is only this way, will you stumble upon the perfect poker site for you.

How Are They Different

 So, how different are they really? It is the same rules, same number of cards, players, etc. but how are the different? Here are the main differences between a physical poker game and an online poker game:

Speed – When you play online, the hands are dealt much faster and the game moves faster too. There are no players pondering or trying to see through your façade. An online game can progress more than twice as fast as the live games. Hence if you are used to an online game, you need to be patient when you play the live game. use the time to assess your opponents and make a more calculated move.

Surrounding – When you are playing the online game, you could be at your desk or home. It will be a quiet and familiar environment which cannot disturb you much or would put you at ease rather. However, when it comes to a live game, you will be surrounded by other player, you will have to hear them shout, curse, mutter under their breath, etc. you can be distracted by the sudden shouts from a nearby table. Not only can be very disturbing but can off set your mental balance too. The high energy in the live environment can be unnerving and make you commit mistakes initially.

Presentation – When you play online, no one would know what you look like or what you are wearing. However, in a live game, you are judged based on how you dress and present yourself. If you have noticed, private poker games will have players dress in their finest and come to the game in style. This is how much the game demands.  When you are playing the live game, you get to meet really high profile people and can make high level contacts.